Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I was away in Genting and KL for a shopping trip and I didn't enjoy it as mich as the one I had in HK. Let me tell you why...

1) There were so many people at Genting that just seeing them gave me migraine! There was just people everywhere. On your left, on your right, on the floor, behind you, in front of you... I just wished I wasn't there after the first day.

2) The people there weren't very proficient in English. I had a hard time communicating with the people there. Some of the waiters even hid behind this huge pillar when I tried to call them for something. It was simply hilarious! Anyway, while I was there, they were having this huge debate about whether Science and Math should be taught in English. Now I don't wonder why they couldn't speak English that well.

3) Service was near to zilch over in M'sia. I wanted to get a touch-and-go card aka our easi-link card but it was sold out everywhere! When you ask where a place is, they practically point to one direction and totally ignore you afterwards or they give you a sneer and don't answer your question. I only met one very nice lady who spoke well. She was nice to tell us something about the card. The girls at GAP were nice too. Other than that, the service at the other shops... was just average. If you want to complain about the service in Singapore, then you would have lots to complain about in KL.

4) The cab drivers are really dishonest. I read in a brochure that the trip to the Skybridge at the twin towers was free. Saw it in their website too. But the cab driver insisted that we have to pay for the 'tickets'. Since I was there, I would like to go up the Skybridge. I paid the driver 50 Ringgit to go there. We later found out from the people that it was really for free. Geez... if you told me that the tickets were free and that you could get the tickets for me for a fee. I would still gladly pay you for it. But don't lie through your teeth that the tickets are not free and that you are doing me a favour to help me get the tickets. What a liar!

Anyway, I don't think I ever want to go there again. The things are almost the same price as the ones in Sg.

School's starting soon anyway! Looking forward to my next trip next year... Paris? Tokyo? Let's see how it goes! :)

Merry X'mas!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

new look!

I was walking along citylink one evening when I saw this outside the new Breadtalk shop. I stopped and stared at it, wondering why they added a chinese word in front of an English word... then I realised that it was a tongue in cheek! Funny! Just nice for my new blog too! :)