Tuesday, November 20, 2007

changes are for the better...

I decided to change my blog to something which is about the 4 things I basically LOVE. They are my rabbits, TV, food and shopping!


Creme is tearing again. Luckily, the vet gave her a positive report. Hopefully it will clear after a week of antibiotics and eye drops. I have never seen anyone so enthusiastic about taking medicine before! She licks it from the syringe with such delight that I wonder if she is really taking her medicine! Sometimes when she has finished the medicine, she would still be biting the syringe!


My colleague brought some jelly beans to school! Look at them! They were so colourful! I love the one which says bubble gum especially. Brings back childhood memories about chewing gum and all...

This is what Chai and I ate at this Jap restaurant at Wheelock Place. The food was great! The place is called The Sun and The Moon? I am not very sure but I know I am very amused by the name.

This is the dessert! I love the round stuff on the sticks. Nice!


Anyone who has been talking to me recently would know that I am currently still suffering from withdrawal symptons after I finished watching the entire 3 seasons of Grey's Anatomy! Fantastic show about interns working at the fictitious Seattle Grace Hospital. That day when my principal actually used one of the most used lines from the show, I looked for Esther wanting to give her the LOOK. But she was nowhere to be found :(

I want this shirt... SERIOUSLY.

:) Cheers!

Friday, November 16, 2007

busy busy busy!

Yup! I have been really busy in school. Have been staying till 6ish everyday in school. Lots of work to complete even though it's the holidays already. We were busy in school rethinking about the school's mission, vision and values. I wonder if my rabbits were to have their mission, vision and values, what would they be then? Food for thought... :) Will post their mission, vision and values in the next post. have to discuss and brainstorm with them ya...

HRSS calendars 2008 are now on sale! A preview of the calendar is below. Do email me if you want one for yourself :)

Thought that they are done very nicely! Great work guys! :) Here's a link to our website if you wish to know more.


Do the right thing! Help us to help the abandoned rabbits!

Below is the cover of the ASD's calendar (Action for Singapore Dogs). They are selling their calendars too. Thought that it's nice too. Do your part for animal welfare groups so that they can help more abandoned animals out there...

Meanwhile, the bunnies at home are still pretty laid back, enjoying life, chasing each other, fighting for food occasionally, resting and relaxing... nice huh?

Updates at home...

This is the 'thief' with her slice of apple. She was worried that Roger her big greedy friend would snatch her favourite apple slice away so she grabbed the slice from my hand, ran to the triangular house which I made for her and hid there quietly to enjoy her food. Roger couldn't find her...

That's Roger lending a 'paw' to Gracie to lean on! He's finally becoming a fine young gentleman after months of home schooling by me!

Creme and Baby caught the 'busy' vibe from me. Good! Chewing and chewing and chewing their apple sticks!

That's all for now!
Carpe Diem! - Odes 1.1 by Horace