Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This was an interesting drink I found at Cafe Cartel. It was blue and didn't look that drink-able. But I ordered it out of curiousity and it was a risk well taken cos it tasted nice! I didn't really like the food at Cafe Cartel but had a sandwich there before going to Suntec. When we reached there, we found out that there was a food fair! Grrrr....!

This was a drink from that Sun and Moon restaurant at Wheelock Place. It's Mango Mojito. Nice!

The sushi roll which my friend had...

The $60 or $70 crab we shared!

This is the sashimi. It was really delicious and fresh!

This is my fave dessert at Ministry of Food, Lot 1. My colleagues and I often go there for desserts to chill out. I like the red bean stuff in this dish and I am not a fan of red beans, seriously.. But this is nice!

My friend's dessert! So huge and yummy with the green tea ice-cream and the water melon...

As I still hadn't got over my trip from HK, we sought out a place at Joo Chiat where they served HK food. This is their version of curry fish ball. The ones in HK are still the best... :(

The rectangular watermelon I found at the supermarket at Paragon during one of my see-if-they-still-sell-Italian-parsley trip. Eversince they revamped the place, they stopped selling the Italian parsley which means no nice food for my rabbits. Anyway, it's really expensive as it is about $2.50 a bunch!
Lastly, this is something you can't buy with all the money you have...

My mom's home cooked fried rice... the best in the world! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Yeah! It's the hols once more so with a bit more time in my hands, it's time to blog! Time to update about some stuff in my rabbits' lives. What better way to do it then to do it with pictures! :)

This is Roger. Lazing around doing his fave stuff in his fave pose. Notice his hair on his head. They look like they are standing! It's cos I pulled out all the loose fur on his head so he's looking kinda ugly... Rabbits moult 3 to 4 times a year. So I always have a mini-fur storm going on at my place. Not for the faint-hearted and the clean freaks...

Having 'couple' time together under the dining table... sweet! :)

His 'helicopter' ears! Haha...

This is Ugly Gracie. She is moulting too so her face looks weird... as the fur has fallen off.

Where's Roger? :)