Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Letter to Ollie...

Dear Ollie,

How have you been? How's life over at the rainbow bridge? Did you get to see Berry? Do remember to take good care of her for me ok? She's a sweet lil' gal and I am sure she'll be your good friend too.

Well, are there lots of grass for you to eat over at where you are? You were such a greedy bunny when you were around. I hope you leave some food for Berry. But I know that you will cos you are the sweetest bunny I have ever known... :)

Life's here is pretty much the same. Gracie is still as fiesty as ever. Still thinking that she's the queen. Luckily, Roger, the new guy and her best friend, has the same temperament as you. He kinda reminds me of you and sometimes, I will call him 'Oliver' by mistake!

Gracie just went for an op to file her tooth. The poor girl couldn't eat well for a week. So luckily Dr Heng was able to find out what's wrong with her and she could eat after that. I am sure you must have known and have prayed for her together with me :)
You have been gone for 2 years now and I still miss you very much. Miss giving you nice pats on your head, rubbing your big grey ears and seeing you binky in the air and flopping to your side in contentment. I hope you have been well.

Miss you...

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Friday!

I love to take shots of my rabbits when they are looking through the fiddlesticks house. It makes me think about what they are looking at through that 'long, long' tunnel! Anyway, that 'tunnel' is only 20cm long! Hahaha... It's funny how Roger and Gracie look when I took their pic at the end of the 'tunnel'... :) cute!

This was my dinner last weekend and it was absolutely delicious! Thanks to Lee Cheng who shared the recipe with me. The beef was bought from the supermarket at Paragon. It cost me $14 for 210g worth of beef. It's called... Karubi Beef ( I think...) Then I added a packet of the Japanese rice seasoning mix. I also added Japanese rice vinegar into my rice, mixed it well before adding the seasoning on top. With a glass of my favourite ume soda, life is just too perfect to be true :)
Enjoy! :)

RIP - Sound cable ? 2004 to Feb 2009

? 2004 to Feb 2009
'Provided lots of entertainment, sound and fun till the giant white furball (aka Roger) decided your fate... you will be greatly missed...'

Monday, February 16, 2009

25 random things about me... Gracie

1. I am a half-dwarf and half local.

2. I inherited my fiesty-ness from my dad who is a dwarf and my sharp facial features from my mum who is a local.

3. I come from a litter of 11 bunnies.

4. 4 of my siblings were albinoes and the others were just like me.

5. I am the queen of the house... I rule the bunnies and every bunny must bow down to me.

6. There's an unwritten rule that I eat the pellets first and then Roger can have what he wants later.

7. I love scratches on the forehead from my human.

8. I growl when people/rabbits disturb me.

9. One of my toes is crooked cos I attempted to scale Mount Panels a few years ago. I was in complete cage rest for about 3 months just for the toe to heal...

10. I am the most gifted rabbit among the 4. I was trained to understand the word "Treats!" first. Then after that, I taught the rest what it meant... Kinda regretted it cos it meant less food for me!

11. I may look fierce but I am actually more well-behaved around humans.

12. I love pellets. That's my favourite food besides bananas, apples and all sweet stuff...

13. I have a sis called Maisie but she passed away 8 years ago.

14. My best friend passed away 2 years ago.

15. I was very sad and depressed when both of them left me. Luckily, I am a strong lil' girl.

16. i love chewing on apple sticks.

17. I cut an eye lid when I fought with Ollie once. Now my eye lid doesn 't look very nice when you look closely.

18. I get jealous easily. The other time when my human rescued 4 bunnies, I hated her and all of them so I fought with Ollie to retaliate.

19. I missed Ollie actually...

20. I like Roger... he's quite an okay guy... except when he fights with me for food!

21. I like to lie beside Roger cos he's like a huge cushion... nice and soft! :)

22. I don't like Creme and Baby. I think they behave like spoilt brats.

23. Some of my toe nails are dark coloured while some of them are white.

24. I was sterilised when I was one-and-a-half years old.

25. I love being with my human.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

25 random things about me... Roger...

1. I was rescued by my human's daddy whom I still adore. He's just the greatest guy I know :)

2. I appeared on a TV show 'City Beat' together with my human. She was part of HRSS and the show wanted her to show how the society rescues abandoned rabbits. Boy! I was famous after that.

3. I think I am half panda bear, a quarter rabbit and a quarter pig. ( Just kidding!)

4. I hate being carried.

5. I love pats on my head, scratches on forehead and nice little tugs on my ears.

6. I love food e.g. pellets, pellets, pellets... get the picture?

7. I love acting dead cos it makes my human go crazy thinking that I was really dead! Nice to see her fuss over me! :)

8. My best friend is Gracie. She is a tyrant but I still love her :))

9. My greatest fear is Creme who is also my neighbour whom I think has a secret crush on me. She keeps chasing me even though I am twice her size! No wonder Gracie got soooo jealous over her.

10. I like biting wires. Give me any wire, anytime, any day... My record has been... 2 HP wires, 2 ASUS EEE chargers (each costing $80), mouse wire, telephone wire and just now, my human just discovered that I had conquered *VICTORY sign* the sound cable from her PC. She only discovered it when there was no sound coming from it! ( You *%^%&##@!) Oopps...

11. I think I am cute.

12. I am a hey-be-cool bunny cos nothing fazes me when I am sleeping, not even if my human turns on the vaccumm, drops the keys etc...

13. My fave show is the 9 o'clock chinese CH 8 show every night. I love sitting by my human and we watch TV together with Gracie too.

14. My highest binky was at least 15 cm! Oh boy, after that I had backache!

15. I understand one word and only word i.e. TREATS TREATS! That's the only word I respond to even though I know my name is Roger.

16. The 2nd week when I was at my human's place, I didn't eat, poop and pee. My human was so worried that she sent me to Dr Heng's. The vet assistants adored me! I told you I was a heart-breaker :D But I am fine after that.

17. I loved squeezing my nose through the panels. I am trying to make my face look slimmer.

18. I moult a lot... and I mean A LOT! That's why my previous threw me into the field and left me to fend for myself... till I was found.

19. I still try to hump Gracie even though I am sterilised.

20. When I am busy bunny-ing, both my ears would be erect. one erect, one down = not so exciting news, both down = BORING...

21. I am sensitive to the sound of pellets shaking in that container. I can hear it from miles away...

22. I have conquered Mount Panels countless times. Just short of putting my flag at the top. That's how I can lay my teeth on those wires...

23. Lazing around is my fave thing to do other than eating...

24. I enjoy lying inside fiddlesticks houses and inside cardboard houses my human made. Nice and shady!

25. I love my human as much as she adores me. I am so glad that I found her and my friends :)

Lazy blogger...

Ok... I have been extremely lazy but I think the pics below should more than make up for it! Enjoy :)

That's Gracie... with 1 of her fat legs nicely placed at the back of Roger's waist... nice cushion, I guess...

Roger in his look-like-he's-dead position again... one of his paws was sticking out of the play pen and he didn't even care!

Roger and Gracie... snoozing beside the PC table...

Creme and Baby having their own quiet time in the house I made...

Little 'Blue' Riding Hood... I had to wrap Gracie up like this to make her take her medicine about a month ago. She had a nasty ulcer caused by an overgrown tooth and she wasn't eating well. She went under the GA and Dr Heng had to file her tooth. She went back home the same night looking totally shocked and exhausted but it took her less than 10 mins to be back to her old self. She was found munching on her veggies after that and she just couldn't stop eating! Afterall, she needed to catch up on a week's food after suffering from poor appetite for a week! She couldn't eat as it was too painful to do so!

With my new netbook, hopefully I will be more inspired to blog...
I found a great doggie's blog... named Kingsley. I spent my entire Sunday morning reading about him. Great blog for animal lovers like me :)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend... :)