Saturday, December 30, 2006

being adventurous!

I shall do a quick summary of their temperaments before telling you what happened to all 4 when I decided to let them come out to play.

Gracie - fierce, aggressive, possessive, nice towards humans but hates her own, thinks she's the Queen and behaves like one too, bossy

Oliver - sweet-natured, gentle, will only retaliate if he can't take it anymore which is very seldom, blur-look 24/7, fat, eats and eats...

Creme - nice, gentle, brave yet sweet, only one among the 4 who will lick your hand, thinks she's a doggie, very very greedy, eats all the time

Baby - whines a lot, acts fierce but is a scaredy cat in reality, the 'kan-cheong' bunny who hides at the slightest noise

And so I decided to let them out to play and guess who was the most adventurous of them all?


Hmmm... so unlike him right? He was running around enjoying himself. He made a dash to the living room, made a U-turn and raced back to his room not forgetting to binky during his way back! Geez... I have had him for 4 years and never once did I see him binky! He must be really happy to get out! Haha...

Gracie was so scared...

I am serious. She was so scared that when I tried to lure her out with the pellets, she would keep her hind legs back at her play area and only dared to put her front paws in the bowl. Look at the pictures below.

She thinks that I have laid booby traps on the floor to trap her... Like I am so free...

Creme would run all over the place and hide everywhere. But I haven't been able to take pics of her doing that. Once I have done that, will post them here!

So... I learn something about them... Never judge a bunny by how he behaves!

Haha... :)

Monday, December 25, 2006

ho ho ho!

Ho ho ho! Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year to everyone... from the 4 rascals at home! Have a great rabbit-istic YEAR!! :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

the different looks of ollie...

Recently, I discovered that Ollie is actually a very photogenic rabbit. So I embarked on a quest to take pics of him which had him portraying different looks...

This is the I-want-a-manicure-now look.

This is the I-think-I-look-slim-when-I-stand-up-to-eat-my-pellets look.

This is the I-want-to-complain-about-my-veggies look.

This is the I-need-to-poo look.

This is the I-think-I-am-a-lop look.

This is the act-cute look. Only he can pull it off effortlessly. Geez..

This is the girly look. He looks like he's wearing lipstick! Yikes!

This is the I-just-want-to-'nua'-with-Gracie look.

Haha.. Enjoy! :)

Friday, December 08, 2006

their new place...

Finally! I have shifted the 4 of them to my new place! They seemed quite happy. As usual, they were very afraid at first. unfamiliar surroundings, new smells... I threw the 4 of them together. Everything seemed okay for the first 20mins and then the first clash took place..

Gracie fought with Baby!

I separated them immediately. 2 panting rabbits, fur flying around... The only thing which stood between the 2 of them was the panel which I used to block them from tearing each other apart! Geez... My heart is too weak to see them fight and get hurt.

My dream was to see all of them bonded and happy together. But alas! it didn't happen...

Baby and Creme were very afraid of the new space. I think Baby wasn't used to the flooring. you should see how he walked on his legs... feet almost spread out on all fours... haha.. so he decided to hide in the litter box the next couple of hours.

Funny lah... the 2 of them!

I managed to get some extra play pens for them so I set up a bigger place for them.

Haven't finished decorating the place. Will continue to do that soon!

Look out for more pictures!