Saturday, June 17, 2006

some pictures...

This was a picture which I drew of Gracie and Oliver many years back. I drew them on a huge cardboard. It was a lovely drawing but it got wet when I left it in the balcony(rain!) and I had to throw it away. So this is the only picture I have of it now. I thought I did quite a good job... Sad..

A lovey dovey picture of Baby and Creme... Sweet! :)

I swear I took the 2 pictures below on different days but can you see that both seem to show that Creme has the same expression on her face? Makes me wonder... hmmmm... I was surprised when I saw the pictures... Looks almost the same but there are some slight differences. Spot any?

This is 'Harry Potter'. That trademark lightning scar on his forehead cannot be wrong! It's him!

Haha... :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

oliver's first post!

Hi everyone! My name is Oliver aka Ollie aka Bui-bui ( to my human's parents...).

Okay.. I know you can't see my eyes in both pictures but that's because basically, I am the most laid back, gentle bunny in the world. I am not kidding you! You may think that I have the hey-come-beat-me-up-look but little do you know that actually, I am just too lazy and fat to open my eyes! Haha... Anyway, what's the hurry? Life still goes on... You got to learn to enjoy life like me, you know... Spend a bit of time in the morning snoozing around, eat my favourite veggies, snooze some more and eat my favourite pellets. Life is that great for me ya!

But life hasn't been that fun for me initially. I was abandoned at Seletar Farmway. But it was okay for me. I took it in my stride and being the laid back bunny that I was, I hopped around the green fields everyday for god knew how long. Life had to go on still right? One day, many people and their dogs came to where I was living for a gathering. They were making a lot of noise and the dogs were the most irritating cos they kept barking at me. The humans picked me up to take pictures with me cos they thought I was cute and I thought why not? I posed like a model bunny and gave them my most beautiful smile. I mean, I should act as a good ambassador for all my species right?

A lady picked me up when she realised that I didn't belong to anyone. She took pity on me and brought me home. Man! That was my first time on the car! I was so scared! But I went home with her and I wanted to let her know that I was a good bunny and that I appreciated her kind thought so I litter trained myself on that very day! She was really impressed!

Later, she put my picture into this thing which was squarish and had lights. Kinda blinding but I was amazed to see myself in it. I reached out to touch it cos I thought it looked like me. Then she told me that I was put up for adoption. And so that was how I ended up in my present human's home and life has never been the same for me. It has been good so far... I enjoy all the good food, the pampering and the apples the most!

Let me give you a list of my likes and dislikes. I know that humans loved doing that so I thought I could do that too!

My favourite past time: Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, ... see the pattern?

My favourite food : pellets, apples, bananas, anything that is sweet... *blush* I have a weakness for sweet stuff.. ok ok.. let's not get started on this...

My most feared bunny: See picture below...

Hmmmm... she-who-cannot-be-named is really FIERCE! Always stopping me from eating cos she-who-cannot-be-named thinks I am too fat! I drew that crown on her head cos she-who-cannot-be-named always thinks she's queen. she-who-cannot-be-named is going to kill me if she sees the picture... SSSHHHHHH... But she can be really sweet sometimes too. I don't mind her cos I am an easy going guy! I mean, let's give in to the girls ok? Afterall, they are just... girls (:

My favourite lying down position no. 1 : See picture below...

I loved this position because I can relax the most and I feel completely at ease with myself. Peaceful and most serene until... I hear my human screaming... She can scream so loudly that my ears hurt! Oh man... why can't she be calm and collected like me? Tsk tsk tsk... She thought that I had fainted, you see. Geez... She was almost on the verge of giving me CPR already when I decided to wake up with a most disgusted look on my face.. I can't imagine her smelly mouth over mine... EEEKKKSSSSS...

My favourite lying down position no. 2:

What can I say? I feel like I am a super'bunny' in this picture, you know.. with my front paws and hind legs stretched out, I feel like I can almost fly when I close my eyes. You know the song?

'I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky... "

Cool huh? I just love that song... and I love the fact that I can draw! (:

Anyway, that's all about me... Lastly, just want to add that I love my best friend, don't mind my human as long as she doesn't scream and give me CPR and I hate that young little boy next door who has, according to my best friend, seemed to have MIA-ed. Hmmmm... never mind! Who cares?

Cos life still goes on... (:


Sunday, June 11, 2006


Yea... another abandoned bunny being found... Sigh... It makes me sick to think that people are throwing them away like trash when these are living animals! They have feelings too, you know! Argh! Anyway, this is a girl and she's really a sweet little one though...

She had VERY badly matted fur on her sides and I spent over an hour just to snip them all away. She was very quiet and still when I was doing that. Very obedient girl. :) I think she must have been so fed up with the matted fur that she can't wait for me to snip them all away for her!

When her fosterer settled her down in her new place, she was busy exploring the place. A very curious bunny I would say. Perhaps she has never been in a place that nice, warm and clean before that she thought she must be dreaming! She also toilet trained herself. Very smart. :)

Hope she finds a good home soon...

By the way, no name yet as her fosterer thought the name given to her by her rescuer sounds a bit too 'old-ish' for her. Dolly... that was her name. Perhaps a new name will give her a new lease of life...


my first post! by gracie...

Hi everyone! My name is Gracie! I think most of you have read all about me from my human.

Let me tell you a bit more about myself...

I was bought off the net by my human. Silly, isn't she? Encouraging my previous owner to breed us so that she can get money out of us. Actually till this day, I have always wondered what happened to my other 8 siblings. You see, I came from a litter of 9 siblings and I was only with them for 2 weeks before my present human bought me and my lil' sis. But my lil' sis, Maisie, passed away a week after and I was devastated. Even though I sat by her encouraging her to live on, she just couldn't make it and passed away. My human was upset and she cried like mad. Sigh... I looked at my human and tried to console her by lying beside her. Then she promised me that she would take very good care of me forever and I knew I could trust her. Eversince that happened, my human showered ALL her love on me and thus making me a spoilt bunny! So it isn't really my fault that I am such a possessive, obstinate and spoilt princess today! Don't you agree?

I am going to be 5 this year. WOW! Time really flies! Oliver, my best friend, has been my best friend since 3 years back. He's quite a nice chap actually cos he likes giving me the licks and grooms me whenever he is free. The only thing bad about him is that he's too fat so in order to keep him in shape, I often try hard to tell him to control his diet. But he doesn't listen, so I had to chase him away during meal times. My human thinks I am being too possessive over my food. But it's not true. Absolutely not! It's for his own good, seriously. But my human doesn't see it. I even gave her hints that he should be sent for the Trim-and-Fit Club for Rabbits soon. She just tells me... Well, she will see and she will try to give him fewer pellets. But she has no self control, this girl. Everytime she sees that fat boy's aka Ollie's round and innocent face, she would give in and give him the pellets! *growl* I am really trying so hard to control his diet and here she is spoiling him!

Anyway, I know about my new neighbours. These 2 youngsters who have totally no respect for the senior citizens. Got to teach them a lesson and show them who's the queen around here. Hmph! I did just that and complained to my human about their obnoxious behaviour. I gritted my teeth, showed them my claws, chased them down the panels, jumped onto my roof of my house to glare at them and before I knew it, they seemed to have disappeared from my life. Can't see them anymore but somehow, sometimes I thought I could hear them somewhere. Maybe age has been catching up with me so my ears ain't that sharp anymore. Maybe my human has finally understood and listened to my advice. Yea... I think she's really an obedient girl except for that feeding-Ollie-with-too-many-pellets thingy...

Well, that's about me... Remember, take what my human says about me with a pinch of salt. Sometimes she thinks she's clever but sometimes, I think she just doesn't understand us bunnies that much. But I still love her all the same cos she's my best human ever!

Got to check on Ollie to see if he's been stealing the pellets again!

Hopping and signing off!


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the weird, the lazy and the cute...

Look at the 2 bowls of pellets below. See any difference? Okay, other than one has more pellets than the other and one is green and the other is orange, any other SIGNIFICANT difference?

Apparantly, the 4 of them, for once, had the same opinion of something at the same time! Geez... reminds me of the 'united we stand, divided we fall' slogan... I'm serious. This was what happened. Recently, Oxbow had just changed their packaging for the timothy based pellets. The contents have not changed. It's ONLY the colour of the packaging which has changed and I swear I didn't even tell them about the change in the packaging. On that 'fateful' day when I fed them with the pellets from the new packaging, they took a sniff, backed off and gave me a 'HEY-what's-this-stuff?' look. They looked at me in contempt as if I had purposely hidden their favourite pellets away. When I tried coaxing them to eat it, they didn't want to.

Weird... But how did they know? Did it really taste different? Or they can tell that there's a colour change? But aren't they supposed to be colour blind or something?

I really had no idea...

The latest and most cool lying-on-the-floor position now is to... do it between a ball!


The epitome of the highest degree of laziness! Look at Baby's fat hind legs being put over Creme's hind legs. What was he thinking of?


I put my camera at one of the openings of the tunnel and this was what I caught on the camera...

Cute huh? :)