Tuesday, September 25, 2007

roger in pony tails..

I have tried to imagine Roger in pony tails cos he's a lop ear rabbit and the ears are black so when they droop, they look like they are pony tails. I took a pic of him just now and added pink ribbons to it in microsoft paint.

This is how he looks...

So.. does he look like a sweet little gal rabbit now? :)

Vote please!

Monday, September 17, 2007

rescued bunny at bishan!

Yes! Another rabbit has been found abandoned. This time, it is at a field just next to Bishan Junction 8. Someone wrote to us to inform us about the rabbit. Since I happened to be there last Saturday night, I went looking for it but it was nowhere to be found.

At about 8 just now, I received a call from the same someone who wrote to us. She found out from the security guard that the rabbit had been hiding among the debris for quite some time already and she needed someone to help her to look for the bunny together with her. However, I wasn't able to get anyone to go down immediately. Suddenly thought of my friend who stayed at AMK and called him. He rushed down immediately.

While they were there searching for the bunny, they attracted some attention from the workers so they all joined in the search. Quite amusing to see at least 7 grown up men gathering around a pile of debris in search of a bunny! I was touched by everyone's help. So I went to get them all some drinks.

Meanwhile, the bunny came out and ran back in again. Everyone was running frantically trying to catch it. They hit the debris with poles, with anything they could find just to get it to come out. After a long wait(almost 2 hours mind you), it finally came out and they chased it again and the rest was history.

According to the workers, it has been there for the past 3 months. A female dwarf in dark grey fur. Just a bit muddy in its hind area. Other than that, it looks okay. Hope that it'd be fine from now on. To the owner who has abandoned it, no words can express how heartless you are to a young and defenceless living thing. I wish you can experience the agony, the helpelessness and hunger that this young little one must have felt for the past 3 months. You didn't get rid of her. It's good riddance to you for she was the one who has abandoned you.

Anyway, thanks to the help of the construction workers at the site and my friend, the rabbit would never be found! You could see everyone's happy faces when it was found!

Looking frightened when held. She struggled still when carried! What a fiesty little one! :)

In my carrier looking stressed. Hope she'll be fine :)

Please help to pray that she'd be safe and healthy from now on...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A true gentleman...

A true gentleman will stand by his lady no matter what happens... Watch how Baby does it...

So sweet and polite of him huh? Lying close and comfortable next to Creme :)

On the other side, things were a wee bit different... Roger was doing this instead...

He asked Gracie to smell his smelly butt! Hmph!

"Oh man... smelly, smelly, SMELLY! "

So what does the 'unruly' say?

"I am still learning ok?"

Monday, September 10, 2007


Ok... I know I haven't been writing cos I have been busy at school! Hmmm... plus I have been lazy too... *sheepish*

Never mind about that but lots of things have been happening at home with the 4 of them... Let me update you...

1)Gracie and Roger are now officially living together! Ehhh... sounds scandalous... but they are just play-pen mates. Good friends and nothing else, ok? When I first put him in, he was busy humping her even though he was sterilised already. Can't blame him cos afterall, he's still a young hot-blooded teenage male bunny and Gracie has been taught since young to just offer her tiny head for grooming by another bunny! Haha... I was worried about them cos Gracie was acting all coy about it. She was avoiding him... going near him... avoiding him... like the female lead in those Bollywood dramas. She has never behaved this way towards Ollie when he first came to my place. So it looked kinda weird to see her behaving this way... Geez... it took them almost 2 days to iron out any differences between them. Finally, Roger understood he 'can't do it' anymore and Gracie happily found a new friend in him. All's well that ends well once again... :)

Don't the 2 of them look great here? :) Yea... She would look for every opportunity to snuggle up to him and he would happily lie next to her when she allows him to do so.

2) There's a mini-fur storm taking place at my home right now! My vaccum is now being put to good use... Look at Roger... his uneven fur. At least it got rid of all his matted and ugly yellowish fur once and for all!

3) One fine and lazy and feel-like-sleeping-in morning, I woke up to find this...

and this...

and so... I did what I was best at... I SCREAMED!!!!!

4) It wasn't me...

I was just busy pooping...

It wasn't me... I was just busy posing as a model...

Remember? That song by Shaggy... Oh yes...

5) Baby thinks he looks cool 'smoking'... Nah... he's not smoking. He's busy chewing his apple stick. He was really engrossed in it cos he was chewing and chewing... and chewing while I took pics of him!

6) Funny pics of Roger... the in-guy now!

Look at the green chin... dirty boy!

Roger and his helicopter ears!

The 'KPO' boy... he loves to 'LOOK' into the camera...