Friday, March 31, 2006

THE smell...

I just sprained my ankle on Monday and I have gone to see the Chinese sin-seh. My right foot has been bandaged and I am walking on one leg. So you can imagine how sad I was cos I couldn't go into their play areas to pat them on their heads the last few days. Even the precocious Baby ran away cos it seemed like he couldn't recognise me!

BUT being the gung-ho owner, I hopped in with my injured foot and sat on the floor. Gracie immediately gave me a disgusted look on her face cos the Chinese medicine on my foot smelled horrible! She was like ,"Hey hey! What's that smell?" She ran away in fright! Geez...

Anyway, take a look at their eating habits. Caught on camera! I call them the 'stalks-leavers'.

Another caught-in-the-act picture...

Baby was busy pee-ing when I took this. That serious look on his face... He doesn't pee below the hay basket cos he can't get his big butt under it!

This is Ollie pee-ing... Oh man... do I sound like some perverted peeping Tom? Gross...

That's Baby saying... "No you are not! You are our most sweetest owner!"


Sunday, March 26, 2006

1000 rabbits!

Read the news about 1000 rabbits all residing in one place. The lady who took care of them couldn't take care of them anymore and people kept dumping bunnies at her place! (ARGH!) So the rabbits just gave birth with no control whatsoever and now they have multiplied to 1000 rabbits! WOW! How could people ever do that? Just dump their rabbits anywhere??!??

So me and the fellow volunteers may make a donation on behalf of the society to help in the sterilisation costs.

I think my 3 'masked-eteers' are very lucky!

Anyway, I was taking pics of Gracie and Ollie when a 'busy-bunny' poked his nose through one of the holes in the panel.

Any guesses whom it might be?

What about this picture?

Take note of the inverted U-shape thingy on this guy's snout... Makes us wonder... Hmmm...

Nitez, dearie-s!! :)

Saturday, March 25, 2006


My first post about my 3 Masked-keteers!

Okay... the only reason why I call them the 3 "Masked-keteers" is because they look like they are wearing masks! "Hi, we are the older siblings! I am Oliver and the girl on my left is Gracie!"

"Hi, my name is BABY! I am the youngest!"

Together, they are an important part of my life and it's really a coincidence that they look like they are wearing masks!

Gracie was bought on the net ( I know I should NEVER have done that!!) in 2001. That makes her approaching 5 years old this year! WOW! She's going to be considered a senior rabbit soon!

But she doesn't behave like one anyway... Geez.. Always bullying Oliver. Oliver may have the come-beat-me-up look in the picture above, but he's the sweetest bunny anyone could have! SERIOUS! Haha...

Oliver was adopted from the HRSS a year after I had Gracie. I thought she was too lonely while I was at work. They kinda fell in love immediately. Well, sorta... after some fur-flying sessions, torn eyelids and growls, they are the most perfect couple in the world, except during meal times...

yea.. I mean it... Gracie would chase Ollie away and my poor Ollie would hide in the corner to wait for 'her majesty' to finish her food first before scurrying to see what is left for him. After that, Gracie would lie down beside him as if nothing has ever happened!

Baby was a rescued case. He was found wandering on his own downstairs at my cousin's condo at the tender age of 2 WEEKS old! Can anyone beat that?

My cousin brought him home and passed him to me when he was about a month old. After that, I just couldn't let him go! He was such a sweetie cos he was always asking for pats and licks. Only problem was he was spraying his urine everywhere and every morning was a nightmare! Anyway, the problem has been solved eversince he was sterilised.

All 3 live in play pens set up by me. But Gracie and Ollie didn't really like Baby too much. Perhaps they are just being jealous that he's younger and cuter. Ha ha.. so they are separated by a panel...

Ehhh... all of them hiding somewhere!

So.. this ends my first post on my 3 'masked-keteers'! More about them in my next post!

Waving paws and hopping out! :)