Saturday, June 20, 2009

When Amber is not sleeping...

When Amber is not sleeping, she is a very busy dog!

She tries to figure out how to blog...

Amber: Yeah... or you will keep saying bad things about me! Bark!

She keeps her 'best friend' company...

She stares into the mirror thinking about how pretty she is!

Amber: Oh gosh! Is that a pimple on my nose?

She learns to be ladylike by sitting cross-legged.
Amber: I am a girl so I must sit properly!

She squeezes herself between the panel and hides in the corner cos she wants to be near the rabbits but doesn't know how to get out! She scared me to death when she carried out this stunt that day cos I shouted for her and looked everywhere but couldn't find her!
Amber: Help me please! ( Just look at her pathetic look...)

She sits under the table to chew her bone.

She learns to squint her eyes like me cos I can't see clearly... but...

.... she ended up cross-eyed instead! Haha... :)

She squeezes herself between my knee and the table cos she wants me to 'sayang' her!
Amber: Sayang please... :)
Funny Amber! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Like a Baby!

I am nice and warm in my air-con room! Good night :)
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Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Bed!

Ya... remember I said that Amber peed on her bed yesterday? I took it to wash in the middle of the night. It was dripping wet so I had to leave it in the bath tub overnight as it was dripping everywhere. This morning, Amber woke up, carried her fave bone around looking for her bed. She likes chewing on her bone in her own bed. But she couldn't find it! She looked really lost.

I suddenly remembered about the bed so I went into the toilet, took it out and immediately she wagged her tail! You can almost imagine her saying, " MY BED!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?"

Bed: You peed on me last night, you 'bodoh'? Remember? Now I am all wet! :(

Once I have laid it to dry by my window, she has been guarding it closely eversince! She is sleeping near it, refusing to move even though I am in the living room typing all this! Geez... serve you right for peeing on it!

Amber: Why are you there on the window, my dearest bed? I hope you dry soon and I promise I won't pee on you again!

Bed: You better! Argh!

Funny Amber...

Amber has been with me for 2 months already! Time really flies! She's brought a lot of laughter into my life with all the funny things she has done. She hops like a rabbit happily when I come home as she hasn't seen me for a long time! It's really funny!

Here's Amber enjoying the air-con and sleeping on the floor...

Then she slowly closes her eyes...

... flops to her left and sleeps!
Amber likes to play hide-and-seek during her free time... Can you see where she is? ;)

That's her... dreaming that she is Super Dog with her outstretched legs!

She loves to lean against anything when she has nothing to do... just anything... as long as it is comfortable!

This is another picture of her trying to lean on the coffee table to sleep...

A very nice and peaceful picture of her sleeping again... I thought she looks beautiful here :) You may not hear it... but she was snoring at that time in this pose! Haha...
This was her last weekend. Gave me a scare cos one moment she was fine and the next moment she was scratching herself till her face went all swollen and puffy! Notice how swollen her face looks! Look at the puffy eyes! Those eye bags! This was taken after she had an injection at the vet. It was worse before that! You can hardly see her eyes then!

Recently, she has been pee-ing all over the place when before, her toilet habits were perfect. Still wondering what the problem is... She just peed on her new bed! Argh! Will need to teach her all over again. Other than that, she's a fine and happy girl! Despite her toilet habits, I still think she's a very nice and adorable dog... ;)